Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Here...And Gone...

     Time is a puzzling thing. Often, life flies by so fast I feel I can hardly keep up. Things that took place a while ago seems to have happened yesterday. But then, I look back at events in the past few years of my life that feel an eternity away.
     These thoughts were running through my mind this past Saturday as I stood a few feet away from the bonfire, laughter, and chatter at Family Camp, in Prescott AZ. I turned to look into the dark woods to my right, suddenly realizing that this was the last place I had spoken to my Mom. One year ago, only a week early to the day, I had talked to her on the phone and told her "I love you" for the very last time. It was a strange realization. I remember thinking I could almost believe she wasn't sick, as I heard her cheerful voice on the other end.

      Time is something we may never understand. I remembered this bonfire taking place a year ago and it felt like it happened only weeks prior. Yet as I remember the terrible battle Mom faced with her cancer, it seems years and years away.
     I'm so thankful we serve a God who stands outside of time as the Creator of time. He is the great "I Am". As we were entering the first of Mom's diagnosis, He was waiting at the end. As we were in the middle of the hardship, our God had already seen us through.
     Unbound by time, Jehovah Jireh, our Provider WILL see us through because He has ALREADY seen us through. And I think few things in this world could ever bring more comfort.
     This day comes with much love to my Mom, as on her birthday, she resides in the place where tears are wiped away, sin is forever defeated, and where she may joyfully praise her Savior, directly in His glorious and most holy presence. It sure doesn't get better than that. ‪#‎Hoppman2015‬