Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mirrored Reality

      We have two mirrors in the  restroom downstairs. One is a normal mirror and the other, an antique mirror that is slightly tinted with a gentle pinkish tan shade. It's slight, however; hardly noticeable unless you compare the two side-by-side.

     When looking at myself in the mirror, washing my face, or putting on makeup, the temptation is to look into the one that is tinted. It's right in front of me. It's a charming mirror. Not to mention, I feel better about myself this way. My face is less marred and even a bit tan. It's nice... But it isn't authentic. For a true depiction of my skin tone and facial state, I must look in our other mirror, sitting quietly to it's right. But that mirror tells all. That mirror doesn't hide my flaws. That mirror is the mirror of reality.

     In life, we are given two mirrors. The first mirror arrogantly stands in front of us as our default. It makes us feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel indifferent and justified. This mirror is the mirror of the world. Facing myself through a glass wall that is tinted with egotism, complacency, bitterness, conformity, and self-gratification, I feel pretty good. With all of this to compare as a marred reality, I know that I am winsome and ethical in the sight of the society of this world and every glorified idol to which it's devotion lies.

     The second mirror stands for absolute truth. It doesn't hide my flaws. In fact, as I look at my barren reflection, I see not only the defects I was aware of, but many others that would have, were it not for the honest image staring back at me, remained in happy oblivion.

     Sin is a bitter reality we don't like to face. It's easier to ignore it, look away, put off the inevitable, pretend it doesn't exist. What happens then? Nothing at first. No spiritual growth, no innovation, no joy. Nothing to show for a life that should be a plethora of wisdom and vision, hope and tenacity. Then... the changes happen. Sin doesn't just sit in one place in our heart and mind. It is constantly moving, constantly working. Not just satisfied to infect our life, it's passion is to destruct our soul.

     We stare into one mirror and see a veiled existence that feeds a lie. This is when destruction comes because we don't know the sin is even there, to deal with it. When we look into the mirror of truth, the infallible word of God, it's not always easy to face. The true reality? We are full of disgusting, ugly sin. However, God's word not only brings us face to face with truth, but provides us with a way of escape. It grants us cleansing that comes only through Christ's blood, which washes away all impurities, creating an image that reflects God's unfathomable glory.

     When you look into a mirror that is tinted by the world, you give yourself to be bound by its chains, through sins you never knew existed because you chose not to see them.