Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Animal Experience...

Saturday afternoon, Mykaela decided that she wanted to give baths to some of the animals. Chiquita, (mini horse) Scooter, (our bigger dog) Joy, (our smaller dog) and our two puppies, Copper and Zinc.

Well, I wasn't thrilled with the idea. For some reason I did not feel at all like giving the animals a bath, particularly five of them. Mykaela insisted and mom was unable to help at the moment, so I was voted for the job. Mom decided that Mykaela should be able to handle Joy, since she was not a large dog, and I would help her when it came time for Scooter, Chiquita, and the pups.

Mykaela went outside and began the bath for Joy using the hose and dog shampoo which she had set up in the front yard on the driveway. Needless to say, Kayla came in rather upset, and unhappily informed me that "dearest" Joy had slipped through her collar and run off. Mykaela had difficulty holding Joy because Josiah, (our five year old brother) had picked up the hose and was squirting poor Kayla as Josiah giggled the whole time. (And no, Joy doesn't care for baths, in fact, as we found out Saturday, she abhors them!)

I went outside to see if I could catch the little trouble-maker. Sure enough, Joy was hiding under the trailer. I walked over there, bent down and reached under the trailer. Fortunately, I was able to catch her, carefully pull her out from under her hideaway, and help Kayla resume the cleaning, which Joy now needed more than ever.

It was an interesting process as I tried to hose off Joy as she squirmed around in a circle, at the same time, I was trying not to get Mykaela wet, who was holding her leash and collar. I then covered her back and legs in suds, hoping to get her nice and clean. I had instructed Kayla on how to hold her leash (which we were also using as a collar) in a way that didn't pinch her if she pulled hard, but would be effective in keeping her still. She willingly followed my directions, and as I turned around for a moment, I heard Kayla's wail of despair. Looking back I noticed Mykaela standing on our driveway with an empty leash in her hands. I think my face gave away how I felt about this new turn of events... Joy ran away, once again to her secure, hiding spot under our small trailer, with suds and dirt (but now, mostly dirt) covering her. I ran over there determined to get the runaway, this time going around the other side of the trailer, in hopes that she wouldn't notice me.

Joy is alot smarter then she looks! Seeing me coming around, she slipped out from under the trailer, ran past Mykaela, and crawled underneath our 15 passenger van. Using my most ferocious sounding voice, in a low tone I called, "Joy, come here right now!" I don't think it came out sounding too scary though. If she could she would probably laugh at how it sounded... :)
Don't get me wrong, Joy is usually a very obedient dog, but in this case, she refused to come over to me. As Mykaela and I circled around the van like hounds around a tree, Joy, once again, bolted. It was then that I happened to glance in our neighbor's yard, noticing several men working there, knowing all to well they probably saw the whole thing. At that point though, I just had to forget about how silly it must of looked and I determinedly walked to our trampoline in the backyard were Joy was now hiding. Please understand, Joy was not acting like an abused, poor dog. She was enjoying this chase! I guess she decided it wasn't as much fun anymore, but for whatever reason, she allowed me to walk up to her and pick her up. At this point, our once white furry Joy was brown, and even dirtier than when poor Kayla had started. We finally got Joy hosed off, cleaned, and dried. Kala and I eagerly let Joy in the house glad to done and over with that whole ordeal.

Next, was Chiquita. Though she did not run free from Mykaela's strong, determined grasp, she did continue turning circles as we attempted to hose her off. (horses are supposed to like water!) Of course, our mini horse did get alot of treats given to her as we washed her off.

Things are never slow around the house if you own animals! I'm sure all of you that have some would agree! :)

Now, I was planning to say something about how Joy was like people that keep returning to their sin whether they know what's best for them or not, but I think (after doing my last post) that Joy has been picked on enough. Though it may be hard to believe after reading this, she really is a wonderful, and sweet dog.

Mykaela and I did not have enough time that day to wash Scooter or the pups. (much to my relief!)

I guess that sums up one adventure for the day!

By-the-way, yes, I believe (from what I've heard) the the pups would enjoy a bath, but as far as Scooter goes... Let's just say, unlike the pups, I know from experience he doesn't. That is a story for another time though! :)


Jenna said...

Don't you love giving the animals baths? ...gulp! I know that our lab is WAY overdue for one...I suppose I'll make it happen before it gets too cold lol!

Joyfully His,

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Yes, I do enjoy it! Maybe I was just being lazy when Mykaela asked me to help... :(

Bethany said...

Ahhh....animal bath time! I've got a bunch of animals that currently need baths. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Under Southern Skies said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. your blog header is very pretty!