Thursday, December 3, 2009

Captions Anyone?

:) ***Let's hear some captions!***  :)




Just Comment your ideas and have fun!


Hannah said...

#1. I'm beat!
#2. (this is not a caption) That dog is SO SO SO cute and I want one JUST LIKE IT!!!! I like brindled boxer type dogs!!
#3. "Okay pine cone, I'm not looking go hide!"

Joshua Hoppman said...

#1. "Ahhhhh, this is my type of therapy!"

#2. "What's the camera for? Am I under arrest?"

#2 (again) "Whatever you said I did,I DIDN'T do it!"

#3 Daniel Boone as a child

Rebecca Kelchner said...

1) Concrete angels???
2) "I'm trying very hard to sit."
3) "Maybe if I close my eyes, I'll actually hit what I'm aiming for."

Jenna said...

Oh my goodness, I am so bad a captions lol! I"m going to have to think about it:)

Hope said...

I dont have any caption ideas for you - sorry! I just wanted to say Hi and that I'm enjoying reading your blog. You are so lucky to have a large family to share life with!

Anonymous said...

1). OH,OH, I shot myself! I pulled the trigger by accident!! Oh, the pain!

2). I-I-I'm sorry, I-I-I didn't m-m-mean t-to. The shoe just l-l-looked so i-i-inviting, I r-r-really didn't mean to chew it up!

3). Hum....let's see, what does this feel like...

Anonymous said...

2 - Please don't call me Pugsley!

Hannah said...

I tagged you on my blog Kelsey!