Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Photo's

So what do you all prefer... Chess, or checkers? I would post pix of a checker game, only, I don't have any, since we're generally bigger fans of chess, and don't play checkers very often. I enjoy chess, but it's more fun if you actually win once-in-a-while! :) Josh,  Jeremiah and Mykaela love playing more then anyone, and their pretty good at it too! :)


Anyone up for a game of chess?


Miss Antoinette K. said...

Mmmm... I would have to say I like to pay checkers! :)

Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my photography blog! You take great photos yourself and will add you to my blogroll if you don't mind!?

Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

Love in Christ,

Miss Antoinette

Maggie said...

I am so bad at chess! We learned how to play in math class in 7th grade and would learn new chess moves and stratagies every Wednesday.

I loved the pictures! They are so good!