Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Movie

Check out this six and a half minute movie my siblings and I made together, and let my brother or I know what you think! You can watch it on his blog, here.  Pictures are below. Have Fun. :-)


Leah said...

Wonderful movie!
I thoroughly enjoyed it. :-)
So funny!

You all did a great job.

I loved your character Kelsey. You did a wonderful job acting. :-)

Thanks for sharing!


Jessica said...

Kelsey, I loved that. I told Joshua that I thought y'all should enter it in the Film Festival. By the way, email me if you have any questions!
In Him,

Savories of Life said...

What movie did you amek? I was an extra in a friends movie a few years ago called Pendragon and I was an extra in a civl war movie yestersaY. MORE INFO ON THAT MOVIE ON MY BLOG FRIDAY.