Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Ultimate Sacrifice

I believe I was nine or ten years old at the time. I was walking through the kitchen and noticed that Mom, after getting off the phone with Dad, looked upset and worried. She gathered the four oldest, (Josh, Jeremiah, Jonathan and I) into the living room to talk to us.  My first thought was that something bad happened to Dad or maybe a friend of ours. When she explained what happened to the twin towers and the terrorist who flew those planes, I was a little relived. In my young mind, I couldn’t comprehend this terrible attack that had happened in our country.  “Why does it matter to us?”, I thought. Bad things happen all the time…  As I heard more and more about it, I began to realize what a major attack this really was, but it was only within the past few years that I have really begun to realize the full extent of what happened; but I don’t think I can ever know completely, unless I was there.

   September 11 2001 marks a tragic day. Tragic, because of the many, many lives that were lost.  But through all of the destruction,  death, and pain, there were those  who grew stronger through it, and many who’s lives were changed by it. Was your life changed? Did you live differently, think, or act differently after 9/11? Life keeps moving on, as time will stop for no one, but as that time goes by, did we continue on as if nothing happened, or did America pull together, to work as one nation, under God, by whom we live and breath and have our being this day? What do you think? What have you done?

Thank-you to all the firefighters, policemen, and workers who gave their lives for us. Thank-you to those who did not stand by, but acted in a way that would help others. Most of all, thank-you to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice for we who are unworthy of his amazing grace. Never forget what He has done. Do not be afraid to tell of it, and never stop fighting to defend it.


Catherine Anne said...

Great post

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Yup. I remember that day. Mom was watching the news and I saw the towers falling...over, and over. It was pretty scary and left a very vivid image in my mind. At the time, I didn't want to think it had anything to do with us. However, same as you, I began to realize what it meant.

I'm praying that God will be with all those that have lost loved ones to this tragic event. Also a huge thanks to those who helped to get people out and risked their own lives on that day.