Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's released!  Below is the newest film by Golden Computer Studios. We enjoyed creating it and I hope you enjoy watching it even more!

                                                  I look forward to hearing your thoughts. (For the best viewing experience, I recommend going to the youtube link, rather than watching it here on the blog.)


Lilac Bud Gal said...

I really enjoyed this! Y'all did a super nice job on it. The acting was really good, too!!!! :) Can't wait to see more like it. :)

Anonymous said...

What are your favorite Christian movies to watch??


Kelsianne said...


Well, I'd have to say all the Kendrick's films, (Are you familiar with them?) The Last Sin Eater, Time Changer, Faith Like Potatoes, Last Flight out... There are many more but these came to my head at the moment. :-) Have you seen any of these?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey,
First i'm going to introduce myself properly. My name is Chloe, I am a young teenager and i really enjoy watching movies. But it's hard to find a good Christian movie with little violence. And I live in Europe....I am homeschooled and the oldest of 3, and most of all I love Jesus!! Ok, no I haven't seen any of those movies! Are they violent or comical?? October Baby, Fire proof, and Anne of Green Gables are only some of my favorites. Have you seen those??


Kelsianne said...

Hello Chloe, Welcome!

Wow, "Violent or comical"... Are those the only two choices? :) Fireproof is one of the "Kendrick films" that I mentioned. Their others are Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and their newest film, Courageous.
So I guess I need to know what you mean by "Violence". What is violence for you? Would you say our short film, CROSSfire, is violent?

I thought October Baby was very well done, though I haven't seen Anne of Green Gables. I have the books though. :)

Anonymous said...

ok...:) well I like comical movies..and movies that center around a family. Like for example some of the Little House on the Praire movies I like... especially when Laura is a little older. I like fairly constant action also! Boring movies are not my type. Umm, well for me it wasn't violent but only because I knew that it was brother's against brother's and that you are Christians...:) But if I had no clue about a movie and saw a scene like that then yeah, i'd say it was a little violent. i really enjoyed Flint and Steel!! So, does that give you an idea??

Kelsianne said...

Thank-you! Yes, that helps. :-)

We love "Little House" too. My mom actually was an extra in some of the episodes when Laura was older. She said Mrs. Olsen was one of the nicest people on set!
Anyway, if you've seen Fireproof, you should see Courageous, at least. There is some gunfire action, but nothing too violent. Then of course there is what I like to call "Kendrick Humor". They do a great job. I think you'd like it. :-)
"Faith Like Potatoes", in one scene, is very difficult to watch. You may want to look up a Christian review on that one.
"Last Flight Out" had quite a bit of action and danger.
"The Last Sin Eater" is one of my favorites, and "Time Changer" I would have to say comical, although it has a serious message, and technically, it's not classified as "comedy".

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Your Mom played in it? what person did she play?? And, yeah I heard that Hariette Oleson was really not supposed to be so....I don't know what to call it...:) But the director saw how well she played and so they decided she'd play a bigger part. I also heard that Nellie and Laura were best friends....I don't know if that's true but it's funny if it is :)
Actually we are going to watch Courageous tonight :) A friend let us borrow it so we are going to watch it. And I havent's seen the others you mentioned, but I'll look into them...thanks!! Oh, and one other thing. Sorry if I'm bothering you....but when you make a film do you write a script that the people have to memorize??

Joshua Hoppman said...

Hi Chloe,
I'm Kelsey's brother. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed our movies. With Crossfire, I wanted the action to be realistic, but not overly violent for the purpose of being violent. As for Flint and Steel....we were spending some time at a friends house and just decided to make a movie. It ended up taking longer than what we expected. ;)
If you haven't already feel free to check out my movie blog. It has a lot more family friendly and Christian short films. :)
Thank-you and God Bless!

Anonymous said... the way, I really enjoy your films at Golden Computer Editing!!!!

Kelsianne said...

How did you like Courageous?

Anonymous said...

Umm I think I liked Fire Proof more. But i really enjoyed the action in Courageous. The gang scenes really caught my attention and I liked them :) Which do you like better fireproof or Courageous?

Kelsianne said...

I would certainly have to say Courageous. From a movie making point of view, I think it was improved from Fireproof. (As they did with all their movies) However, I do think I'm overdo for watching Fireproof. It was very well done. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, Courageous was better filmed. But Fireproof I just really like it. I can't say why, because I don't know why :) Did you like October Baby??

Merry Christmas,