Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pets and Christians

Pets are so much fun. If you keep your eyes open, sometimes they can teach you something about the Christian walk. One example comes from a post a wrote in 2009 called: Judgement by the Cone.

So what kind of things do your pets teach you?


Maellen said...

Unconditional love! No matter how late I am to feed them, no matter how unresponsive I am to their desire for attention, no matter how long I've been gone- they love me anyway! They are always so excited to see me! Even the chickens run out to meet me at the fence when they hear the slider open. (Of course, I know they are just looking for some yummy scraps, but still, I like to think they love me too. Haha) We need to forgive and to love like these little furry creatures do.

Alicia said...

Another lovely post! I always enjoy them, Kelsey!

Well, Licorice has definitely taught me the value of loyalty. He is always there and always loves me. Even when I am scolding him for being too noisy, he is eagerly waiting to jump in my lap and make things right. I guess that is why I dislike comments about his smallness - because he more than makes up for it in heart! :)