Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wishes. They are often used in fairy tails. The hero or even the villain, will be asked: “What do you wish for? It can be anything you want!” But I’ve always wondered something. Why doesn’t the receiver ask for more wishes? It would than be only a matter of “How many wishes?” Why not request to have all the wishes you asked for, come true? This would present a problem, wouldn’t it? Yes. Because we wish for things about ourselves a lot that we don’t’ really mean. “I wish I could curl up and die” “I wish there were no such thing as rules.” “I wish I didn’t have sisters or brothers, they are so annoying!” Wishes. They are deadly traps. (Luke 6:45) I am glad that they don’t come true. The only way your “wish” could ever come true would be through prayer. Thankfully, for us, we have a loving God who won’t grant our every “wish” and “desire.” (James 4:3)
Now, you may be thinking: “well, would if I asked for something really small. For example, a piece of gum, or ”I wish I didn’t have to do math today.” Think hard about this. Let’s take the Math example. OK. You get your wish. No math today. Now, you realize, you kind of like skipping math. So you wish to skip it again, - and again …and again. Not only that, but you aren’t learning discipline that is important for you to learn for later life. Work will seem harder. School will seem boring. You want life to be easy. You will “wish” to skip everything hard in life. The same kind of principle goes for the gum example. You’d want and wish for it over and over. I’d hope that you know what the “benefits” of that would lead to! Still don’t agree? Think of one small example of something that you would like to have for yourself, or something that you wish you could do. Would if you wished you didn’t have to go to the store today? Well, if you had been there, there might have been people who saw the light of Jesus in you and wanted to know more about him. Maybe you would of smiled at someone in the store and cheered them up, and in turn, they cheered the lives of others.
My point? Well, God knows everything going on in your life. He has everything planned out to the letter. Small things are included. He knows what’s happening in your life, he doesn’t ignore it. If we got everything we wanted, the world would be a mess.
I’m glad wishes don’t’ come true like in the fairy tales. Aren’t you?

Kelsey Hoppman Age: 15 (2/18/09)

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