Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Secret Truth Behind The Easter Bunny

Why do we celebrate Easter?
Is it because of the fun of hiding eggs, or the sheer delight of getting some extra candy? Is it because we take joy in saying hi to the easter bunny, and looking at the fun colors?
Of course not; but I think we are forgetting the real reason to celebrate Easter. It has been turned into a Holiday of pretend fuzzy chicks, make-believe bunnies, eggs, and candy. Why? Do you think that maybe Satan is trying to make a good holiday into a bad one, or maybe trying to make Christians forget the real reason of celebration? Does it sound familier to another common, and yet, in a way, forgotten celebration; Christ's birth?

Do you want to get the secret truth behind the easter bunny? You can find this out and more by checking out this website: (link is below)
I was shocked when I read this.

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