Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Fun: A Squirt Gun Fight!

If you would like to see "part one" of this "fight" you can head on over to my brothers blog here. (But be sure to come on back for "part two" though!! :) Here, in our courtyard was where everybody got a refill...

Josiah, Keturah, and Joshua. (Joshua also served as "under cover" photographer, and the filler of the little one's squirt guns.)

Dad, and Keturah

Here are the twins!

( Mykaela, and Micah)

Micah was very gracious, and allowed his brother, Jeremiah to squirt him until I got a good picture! Jeremiah loved every minute of it!

Thank-you Micah!

Sweet face, but she was dangerous with that squirt gun!

Dad really had to watch out!

Keturah told me in her cute little voice that she was going to "dry off" What A great way!

Jeremiah was always trying to catch people when they least expected it!

Jonathan, on the other hand, didn't care who squirted him! He was there to have fun!

He had fun alright, but this is where it got him...

Thank-you to Dad and my siblings for all the wonderful pictures and memories! These are summer days I won't soon forget!

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Victoria said...

What a fun way to spend Fathers day !
Look's like it was a great way to cool off as well :)