Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Now Sixteen!

June 16 we invited some family over and celebrated my 16th birthday. Josh, Jeremiah, Jonathan, and Micah all wrote a poem for me. They were all very sweet, so I thought I would post them. I hope you enjoy...

Jeremiah's Poem: (14)

My Sister...

Loves to play, most any day!
She loves to love... In any way!
She's really great, so I say...
Sis your great! I love you! (if I may)

Micah's Poem: (9)

My Big Sister

Kelsey is a big help.
She watches me when mom is gone.
She can draw very well!
I like my big sister very much!
Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Love Micah

Joshua's Poem: (17)

Me And My Sis

Me and my sis.
We're kind of hard to miss.
Day in and day out.
Working together.
Taking the garbage out.
We get along very fine you see.
I'm as proud of her
As she is of me.
We were once
Very young.
And in our prime.
Sticking together,
Partners in crime,
No matter what the weather!
Now today
It's still me and my sis:
Watching our siblings,
Washing the dishes,
Playing like every kid wishes!
So now she's sixteen,
And sort of lean.
So here's to a Happy Birthday.
May it be a treat.
Let's eat!
When it comes time to turn off the light
Let's hope I don't get a kiss Goodnight!

Jonathan's Poem: (13)


Kelsey helps me with all my math
Even if if takes an hour and a half!
Kelsey draws all the time,
Uses the book, Line Upon Line*.
She tries hard in a lot,
She's wise in what she buys or bought.
She's a silhouette of a kind sister,
Someday she'll be a Mrs. with a Mister.

Love, Jonathan H.

Thank-you so much Joshua, Jeremiah, Jonathan, and Micah! You are all great brothers as well as friends. I love you too!

***Line Upon Line is an art book I'm currently using. It encourages drawing from life and I recommend it for someone who loves drawing realistically!***

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