Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

As we spend time with friends and family July 4th, why don't you take a moment to remember what we are celebrating.

May America remain A Nation Under God forever.

America's Defenders
By: Kelsey A. Hoppman


Here in our comfort zone, happy we stand,

Shopping and working, lending a hand,

But something we know and some try to forget-

Is that the solders are fighting none looks back, no regret.

Training as warriors, so mighty they'll be

Soldiers are working, for they bravely see

The future of liberty with God's guiding hand

As they seek to defend our dear country and land.

This is the land that more than once stood-

Anxious of shackles creeping up over good.

But the combatants have stood, and now they again

Remember the past-and where others have been.

It is they who remember, and they who can tell

It's for freedom their fighting, and so they fight well.

God bless our bold solders who for our name

Call freedom to America, so liberty shall reign.

Down on their knees soldier's fighting their foe;

Trudging through mud, and marching through snow.

Loyal they shall defend for all to the death,

Lives thrown down for you to the very last breath.

Lifting their eyes to the gun's stealthy aim

If they're taken down, it is our country's gain.

For once again, a great hero is gone

But forever will remain, this soldiers valiant song.

May God bless you this forth of July, and may God Bless the United States of America!


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