Monday, July 27, 2009

A Prayer Request


I have a prayer request.

Yesterday at my grandfathers birthday, I heard Mom, and two friends of my grandparents talking about "religion" and what they believed and so forth. I went over to listen and it was very interesting.

     One out of the two Friends called herself a Christian, and seemed to take the same side we did. The other, who's name was Robert, said he was raised Roman Catholic, but then was talking about reincarnation. He told us he doesn't read his bible much, though he thinks it should be taught more in schools. Basically, what he told us was, he doesn't think that you should follow any specific religion. As he put it: The Jew will say there's is right, and the Christian will say there's is right. So who is right ? The Jew, or the Christian?

     Robert is a very sweet man, but he needs Jesus. He lost his wife about two months ago. He said that , she didn't follow a specific religion, but she believed in God, and was a good person. He also said he wasn't a very religious man himself. Mom and I were able to tell him that it isn't religion that "buys" your way to heaven, but Jesus Christ. I also told him that it wasn't by good works that we are saved by. (Though that is important) If it was, why then, did Jesus have to die? He seemed to have an answer for almost everything we said, but he did have to stop and think a moment after he heard that.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this! God can work in this man's heart. Let's pray that He does!


Jenna said...

HI Kelsey!
What a blessing that you were able to talk with Robert and share your faith with him! It's a good reminder to pray for the seeds that we plant!!


~Miss Zara~ said...

Hi Kelsey,
I am going to Hospital this Thursday for a jaw operation,so will you pray for me.

Bethany said...

I'll be praying!

Blodgett said...

Onward Christian Soldier! Keep being bold for Christ and let your life shine as a living example! I will pray!
Love Aunt Maellen

Josh said...

That is wonderful that you could share with Robert! I will pray that God will water the seed that you planted.

God Bless you,