Friday, August 7, 2009

The Solder's Mother

Oh my son I've raised you strong in God's laws not of mans.
I've taught you to listen for His call and not our own small plans.

God's chosen you to be a solder-my son it's what you'll be;
But as you go to fight on hard, come to be at last with me.

The hardships that you are facing, and the terror that wars hold
Tough as they are, remember love, in Christ you can be bold.

I have prayed for you today-the burden that I share
I shall thank God for you my son, that for your country trials you bear.

I have struggled as you've gone so far towards the battle lines.
Please continue to trust that God knows best when there's hard times.

Down on bended knees I've called for His will above the lies,
And I know that God does hear his desperate daughter's cries.

If you are in his will dear one, than no matter what conspires
His hand will be upon your own, guiding you throughout trial, and fires.

As you've fought hard through smoke and fear, across a foreign land
Someones bullet took you down, and now Christ shall take your hand.

The price of freedom has been paid from sea to shining sea,
Someday across the gates I'll come- and you, at last, to me.

By Kelsey A. Hoppman



Bethany said...

Wow, Kelsey! That's beautiful!

Blodgett said...

Kelsey - as one of my sons is considering being a soldier, this was very poignant to me!