Monday, August 24, 2009

GRACE Camping Trip 2009!

This year was my second time attending the annual GRACE camping trip, in Jemez. It was alot of fun! The first night, Mykaela, a friend and I all slept in a tent. Our rain cover was not put on completely because we didn't expect a whole lot of rain. Well, it rained quite a bit that night. We were sleeping in an eight person tent, but we had our little "areas" near the sides of the tent. The rain-water came in through the corner of our "areas" Who got wet? Actually, everybody in that tent did, but I had placed some clothes from the night before in the corner of the tent. The clothing soaked up most of the water that seeped in the tent. I woke up with a dry sleeping bag. It was only wet on the outside of mine. Mykaela and my friend on the other hand, were soaking wet, right through their sleeping bag and pillow! That wasn't a very fun awakening no doubt. Dad and the boys were able to get it dried out and "rainproofed" before that night, but Everyone made room in the camper for us, and Jeremiah and Jonathan (who also woke up in a wet tent) slept in ours, and Josh, and Micah slept in the car.
Other than that, the camping trip went smoothly and we all had a wonderful time as a family and with other friends.
Though it's not quite the same as being there, here is a glimpse of our Thursday-Saturday vacation. :)

The view in Jemez On the road!

Mom Keturah and Josiah feeding the birds.

Keturah in a field by our campsite.

These little chipmunks were
brave! They came onto our picnic
table and stole Keturah's chips!

The birds here were brave as well. I loved watching them. They were beautiful!

Watch out for warrior Josiah! He loved throwing pincecones at Jonathan
when he passed by on his bicycle. :)

Jeremiah and Josiah

Some bikes waiting to be ridden.

Sweet little Turah! (Keturah)

These flowers where what we gathered together on a little walk down the pathway by our campsite.

Jonathan ready to ride his bike!

Dad and Jeremiah setting up camp.
(our leaky tent) :)


One happy camper!
On the way home, our leftover
chocolate bars were melting,
so Mykaela and I enjoyed!

The scenery.
Dad and Jeremiah in our campsite. This was when we were getting ready to leave
More scenery. (it was beautiful!).
Good Bye Jemez! We look foward to next year!


Bethany said...

Looks like tons of fun! I just love camping!

Anonymous said...

I liked all the pictures but especially the ones of Keturah with flowers!

Blodgett said...

Boy Mykaela sure looks like your mom when she was little!!!

Big D said...

No Fair!!! :) Hopefully we can go next time. Also, are moms are also talking about going on a Blodgett/Hoppman camping trip, up in

Mia said...

It looks like y'all had a wonderful time!
Thanks for sharing pictures :)


A Heart of Praise said...

Sounds and looks like fun:), great pictures.