Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Fun Pictures

Hello All! I thought It would be fun to share some pictures with you.  Enjoy! :)

Zinc walked over to me, while I was doing my reading, to say hi. I picked him up and he made him-self comfortable. I had to set the book down for a while! :)

 Both pups are growing so much! It was a difficult task that required some of my siblings to lend a hand, but I was able to get them both sitting still at the same time for this quick snapshot.

                                                     Josh and Copper

Mykaela and Copper

Copper, Zinc, and Joy all made themselves comfortable on the dog bed. They are such wonderful buddies.

Sweet Copper

Zinc and Copper

...And here is Joy!

Here is my sweet cat, Tiki, thoroughly enjoying the warm fireplace in the living room.

Mykaela was sleeping with Copper only and Zinc decided to stuff himself in with the pair! (Has anyone heard of the story, The Mitten?)

I thought this was a sweet picture of Mykaela...

...And here, my handsome (and cute) brother, Josiah, who dressed himself up, ready for the morning!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.

God Bless,

Kelsey A.H.


Bethany said...

awww, how cute - both puppies and siblings alike! I'm looking forward to having puppies again, they are so sweet. :)

Jenna said...

Your puppies are so cute! And I love how Josiah dressed brother Caleb used to wear ties like that:)


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I loved looking at them. They are great.

Many blessings,

Hannah said...

Oh your puppies they are SO sweet! I want a dog SO bad! Mama and I were looking at the free puppy ads today :) I want one that is a mutt/mix/canhardly/ (whatever you want to call it :).
Hope I get one soon!
Great pics!

Aliisa said...

Hi Kelsey!

I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but we used to write a couple years ago. I found your blog through a comment you left on Bethany Wissmann's blog, and thought I'd pop over and say hi!

If you'd like to check out our family blog you can. The address is I don't update it as often as I'd like, but I'm going to try to do better!!

~Aliisa Klahn

Anonymous said...

Great! My mom has pix of me when I dressed my self up to... Not to pretty! :) Also, I thought Jeremiah or Mika said Joy and Scooter hated the new pups? guess i herd them wrong or something! O and can you tell Josh I can't wait to see his new movie!?!

Hannah said...

I awarded you Kelsey!

Emily said...

Cute pictures! You must really like dogs:)

Regan Family Farm said...

Hi Kelsie and Lydia~
Thank you for all your encouraging words to me, and my children. Isn't it funny that in such a short amount of time seemingly true friendships develop in this blog world, with strangers we've never (and may never) meet? We are so enjoying both of you. May God richly bless your family this Thanksgiving!