Monday, February 8, 2010

TeenPact 2010 Pictures

Here are the pictures I told you all I'd share. Unfortunately, most of them came out a bit fuzzy,  on account of our camera not working to well for Mom. :)

Here is the staff and leaders on graduation day (Thursday.) 
Left to right is: 
Josh, Bill Jack, Meagan, Jalen, Ben,
Jerett, Katelyne, another Meagan, Rachel, Hannah, and Nathan.
 There were a couple others,  that were cut off, Joseph and Carolyne.   
Students and staff. (Some were still arriving)
My Aunt Maellen, and two cousins, Emily and Daniel.
We were privileged to hear Representative Nora Espinoza speak.
Nora Espinoza

This is during a Field Experience Jonathan's committee went on.
My committee during a prayer walk. 
Here, I believe we were praying for some of the Representatives,
as well as the SB 183. The Domestic Partnership Bill. 
(I'm kind of hidden in the group on the right)
Jonathan and I
This is on graduation day. We had our picture taken with the two leaders for the class, Bill Jack and Josh K.
Mr. Jack, Jeremiah, and Josh
Mr. Jack, Jonathan, and Josh
Here are two of the TeenPact staff, Meagan, and Rachel.
(Rachel was one of my committee leaders.)
Group Shot. It was cold and snowing!

This shot was taken in front of an old church in Santa Fe.
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!
God Bless,


faithngracegirl said...

Nice pics Kelsey! I enjoyed them. In that pic I saw of you you looked really nice! Glad you had a good time.


caleb said...

Neat! I would really like to go to teen pact next year to it looked like a blast. looks like I would learn a lot if I went.