Sunday, July 4, 2010

What is Freedom? - An Independence Day Poem


Freedom-What does it mean now to man,
When we fulfill the Lord’s greater plan?

We fight our rival's and then decide

To proudly honor all those who've died-

Friend’s who suddenly turned into foe,

Some not knowing which side they're to go-

Soldiers fighting o’er battle lines

Police put a stop evil crimes;

Troops wait to see what each day shall bring;

Freedom-It’s an interesting thing.

Some had it taken from their close grasp,
Others held strongly to freedom’s clasp.

Wives care for children while all alone
Waiting for their soldiers to come home.

Some say “Set one ruler for them all!”

Some say government shouldn’t stand tall.

When is it okay to be the lead?

When will we see that Christ’s our great need?

Our liberty’s now being taken-

Our bright path to God, is now shaken-

Fighting for our land-this brave kingdom-

And all this-In the name of freedom.

And then there’s other’s who just don’t see

They should cry to God on bended knee.

Evil‘s stalking as thieves in the night-

Freedom-Let’s go and finish the fight.

Kelsey Hoppman


                                             We are one Nation Under God... 

...May God Bless America!

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