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Random Notes From TeenPact Survival

Kelsey Hoppman

TeenPact Survival SW 2010
Last week I had the incredible privilege of attending Survival SW. Since all that I learned there made such an impression on me, I thought I would share it with you all as well. Of course, I’ll *try* not to say too much, since I think you should experience it for yourself!

Kelsey Hoppman Written on 7/21/10

The Stage of Forming: By Curtis Whatley

What our team needs to do in order to thrive:

1. Put God first; He should be our foundation

2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and your team members.

-The typical way the world operates in the job industry:


                                           Vice President


                                       Small Team Leaders


                                  People who do the real work


The Way It Should Be:


                             Team members having greatest impact


                                        Small Team Leaders


                                        Leadership Team



             GOD           GOD               GOD



Some Survival Plant Info:

Calsey’s Butter Root- Yellow Flower

Scrub Oak- Used for tanning hides

Palmate- A lobed leaf

Douglass Fir- Use to make pine needle tea-simmer the needles

Yucca- The flowers, if  young,  are edible-You can use it to make a poultice, or use it to make a rope.  

Decocting is simmering tea

Ponderosa: Group of two needles, young, dark bark, get’s darker with age. Smells like citrus, long needles, downward spikes at the end of a pinecone.

Starving out in the wilderness and your not sure if this particular plant is poisonous?

Testing Toxicity:

1. Take a piece and rub It on the inside of your elbows. If no rash-

2. Touch it to your lips and tongue- wait 10-15 min. If no problems-

3. Prepare. (Cook if at all possible-simmer-boil-etc) Chew a small bit, and leave it in your mouth about 15 min.

If no problems- Enjoy!

Some Tips When Making a Fire:

-Use dry bark as a platform for the fire, if the ground is wet.

-You need sun access.

 -For wind, dig a trench that funnels down to the fire.

Rabbit/Small Animal Trap:

*  Circles on the sketch represent notches. You would make the notches with a pocket knife or something similar.

We are to “Die to self”- work as a team member, willing to do the task God has called us to do, not our own selfish desires. Do not be envious of other team members, but don’t ignore them either. They are there for a purpose and they are needed. Play your role well. We (I) need to be a servant of all. That (Or the lack of it rather) will build or break a team. Doing only “My share” is not enough.

Curtis Whatley

TeenPact Survival SW


In a Conflict:
  • Restore the Other
  • Look at the possible plank in your own eye
  • Support each other
  • Don’t think more highly of yourself then you should.
  • Appeal to a higher authority. (God!)
  • Be humble
  • Ask for forgiveness (Even in it was not “Your fault”)

Most of the time conflict arises on account of a misunderstanding.

When trying to resolve a conflict-

  • Ask questions. It may have been a misunderstanding.
  • Bring some people/parties who are respected, to help resolve it.
  • We will fail sometimes. Mistakes are what you learn from.
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the continence of others.”

Do not “Throw the baby out with the bath water” Accept correction. Don’t dwell on the criticism. Learn from it and simply go on.------


Power is taken

Authority is given

New Definitions:

AC - Authority current

DC - Dictator Current

Our Authority is given by God. We should not attempt to gain power.

Below is a story Mr. Whatley told the students. I don't think I got it exactly right, but you'll get the idea. :)

There was a boy who really wanted this boat in the shop window. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the money on hand to by the boat. After some encouragement from his father, the young boy worked all around the neighborhood doing odd jobs, until he had the money he needed. Happily, he went to the store, and bought the boat. He loved sending the little boat down the stream, watching it float a ways, and then, with his stick, bring the boat back to him, and start all over again. One day, as he played with it in this manner, it had rained the day before, so the current was stronger, and the river fuller than usual. As the boy, after watching his boat float downstream, reached his stick out to take his boat back, the current had pulled his boat farther out then the little guy could reach. Helpless, the boy watched, as his little boat, which he had slaved over the buy, floated away. Days later, the boy went back to the store with his father. Kind of bored, he looked around the little shop. His eye’s widened with surprise as he spotted something pushed off in the corner. It was his very own boat! Excited, he ran over to his father and the shop owner. “It’s my boat!” he tried to explain. The shop owner said, “It’s in my possesion now. If you want it, you’ll have to buy it back.” The little boy just loved his boat, and so, once again, he worked hard doing odd jobs around his neighborhood, until he had the money to buy his boat back. Excited, he walked over the store, and bought it back. Gently holding it, he began walking to the shop door. Now, if you were there, you might have heard him talking. He said, “You were mine before, but I had to buy you back, so now your twice mine.”

Well folks, thanks to what the Lord did for us on the cross:

We’re twice His.

We are twice-God’s.



  • God has delegated authority to different people. They need to stay in their spot of authority, and give all the glory to God-because authority-is given.
  • Our faith shows understanding of authority. We trust others, work as a team, and trust each other.
  • GIVEN pride will stand alone, and fail.
  • Real faith is submitting our lives completely to God. If we are really trusting in God, we have nothing to fear.
  • Do not “Be your own power.” Stay under God’s, and follow His authority.

Hey all, let me know what you thought of what you just read. I’d love to hear your opinions as well. Glad you took the time to read! Also, I'll be posting some more of my own thoughts later. :-)  

God Bless,


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