Thursday, August 26, 2010

Should Young Ladies Earn a Degree "Just in Case"?

. Before you read this though, I want to say that I am not attempting in any way to "condemn" or "judge" those who go to college. It is a decision  you and your parents need to make. This is simply my thoughts on the subject. Also, continuing your education is not a bad thing. Take every opportunity to learn what you can from the home. (Online courses are another option!)

My 15 Reason's/Comments Why I Think it is Unbiblical.

1. If you trust in the sovereignty of God, you shouldn’t have to worry about all of those “What if’s”

2. Prepare for the “most likely” scenario, not the unlikely ones.

What would life be like if we went through it worrying about all the possible "bad things" that could happen. We would be miserable. Be prepared-yes, but don't be unwise and rash.

"Some of your hurts you have cured,
And the sharpest you still have survived,
But what torments of grief you endured
From the evil which never arrived."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

3. We should strengthen our arms for work and prepare at home.

4. It is not the ordinary neither a fitting role for women to work alongside men in public as their equals, or in their same sphere of dominion.

5. The Word of God is full of biblical examples on how to care for the widowed, sick or needy. For the young lady-preparing to be a potential widow and earning a degree based on that-is not the right thing to do.

6. Women are creative. You can easily find ways to make money from the home

7. Staying at home had a different meaning/connotation in the past, then it has today.

The phrase "staying at home" in our modern world today usually comes with a bad connotation. We picture idle hands, or girls "wasting" their time away learning how to do laundry and bake cookies. A keeper at home, or a stay at home daughter, however, provides great opportunity for service, work, education, and so much more, all from the home!

8. You should develop and use your life skills in everyday life-not something useless stored away “Just in Case”

9. Learn how to be a successful entrepreneur; and don’t be afraid to try new things!

10. Learn and develop skills that can benefit others in your day-to-day-life, as well as skills that you can use for your own entrepreneurial spirit.

11. Being a single young lady in the home is not a time to be idle. Find work for yourself around the home, or in your sphere of dominion.

12. You don’t need a degree to make money. 

Although simply stated, it is very true. You can make good money without a degree.

13. Obtaining a degree generally cost’s you 100,000 + dollars. (Not counting the time involved)

Think about it. Really and truly, can you honestly say all the time and money it takes to receive a degree is worth it? Especially if it will be simply sitting on the shelf for in case of a "what if" situations?

14. Fathers will often send their daughters off to college because they don’t trust them to be useful nor diligent in the home.

Daughters, home is not a place to be idle! It is a place where you can be creative, learn to work well with your family, make your hands busy, and get first hand experience with things you wouldn't normally be able to do!

15. Even a degree is not a “foolproof plan“, and it will bring you either to poverty great debt, or both, getting a back-up plan.

I will now end my list by quoting from an article by Anna Sophia, and Elizabeth Botkin, on which my list was based. (You can visit their blog by clicking here. )

“ The times certainly are uncertain, and more may be required of us as things become more unstable. Three things, however, remain certain:

- We cannot rely on earthly promises of security (degrees, “stable” jobs) - only on biblical promises of security (the blessings of God upon obedience and diligence) In these unstable times, we will need to rely less on those things that will change and more on the things that will never change. The benefits of government accreditation, paychecks, personal peace and affluence, and the illusion of stability could pass away; the value of hard work, ingenuity, and faith will not.

- Faithfulness is blessed; compromise is not. We will not deserve the blessing of God if we respond to fear.

- Work is noble, and required of every person - “Not having to work,” or eating the bread of idleness, are not for Christian women. Every girl in every situation should strive after the example of the fruitful Proverbs 31 woman.

- Both those who put their trust in a comfortable, easy lifestyle and those who put their trust in worldly pragmatism have reason to fear “what ifs“; but a productive, creative woman full of faith will have no lack of gain. Let us then strengthen our arms, work willingly with our hands, and smile at the future ”

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”
I am well aware that this is a very controversial subject, so if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask and I'll answer them to the best of my ability! I would also really appreciate any imput you have on the subject.

God Bless you all on your journey to glorify our Lord Jesus!



Blodgett said...

Great post Kels. Well thought out. And quite brave of you.... ;-)

Dani said...

This is great Kelsey! It is something I thought about, prayed about and discussed with my parents a lot. And for many years I happyily stayed home. Now I have chosen to go to college, but I wanted to choose classes that will benefit those around me and my future husband and family.
Thanks for writing it!

Farmgirl said...

My oldest sister and 2 brothers went to college! But my older sister can of just went to get knowledge! MY sister who just graduated never liked school and is not going to college.but she already has her own sewing business! But I want to got to college for a degree in music and maybe I'll go to college for a hair salon stylist person (I keep forgeting what there called) But music lessons I would do in my home and hair styling too! Very intresting article I've heard of people talking about this too!

Carrie said...

If we trust God, He will provide for us, yes. - But, He doesn't want us to be idle and just sit around, trusting Him to provide, I think. So, the point of being busy at home, learning from home (even college), and helping those around you is a good idea. =)

Some things that people go to college for can actually be learned at home. I might be doing accounting this year, and that is something that would benefit me and my future husband (if the Lord brings me one), esp. if my husband were to have his own business. I don't have to go to college to learn entrepreneurship. Also, you are right that young ladies should be focusing on the likely rather than the unlikely. If the Lord chooses for some of us to not get married, or to get married later, there are still sooooo many ways we can use our time.

There are some ladies like that at my church who are courting/marrying later, because God has brought them their spouses slightly later in life (though their definitely not old! =). But those ladies spent their time for good and learned things, helped others, etc. =)


Leah said...

What a wonderful post! I love to hear young ladies' thoughts on this subject.

I believe that a womens' decision to go or not to go to college depends a lot upon the woman and the gifts that God has given her.

But most importantly we should choose what would be the most biblical and pleasing to God and trust in Him as we make decisions in life.

I enjoyed reading your post. :-)