Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorite Films

I was tagged by  Alicia Willis (Click to visit her blog) to give a list of my all-time favorite films! I'll warn you now, it's a hefty list, but here it goes...

Disclaimer: The films are not listed in a certain order. I also do not necessarily condone or agree with all aspects of each film.

So without further ado, my top 15 favorite films! 

Amazing Grace: This film is so inspiring. It follows William Wilberforce  as he strives to bring complete freedom to the slaves. A family favorite!

Sound of Music: I just love this story. :-)

The Ultimate Gift and Saving Sarah Cain: Two films that are not "Christian", however I think there is some great storytelling that goes on with these films. Great for discussion.

The Adventures of Tin Tin: This film is amazingly well done. The animation is especially impressive. A very playful, action-packed story, based off of the comic strip of Tin Tin.  A bit cliché in places but all other aspects override this small quibble, I think. :-) Classic "Good guy vs. Bad guy" film. 

Time Changer: A funny, engaging, thought-provoking film by Rick Christiano.

No Time For Sergeants: Hilarious story. Great acting. Andy Griffith. Nuff said. 
The Last Sin Eater: "The Last Sin Eater" is very well done. The cinematography, acting, and story is outstanding. A very well-crafted film.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Although I've only seen this once, I really liked it and would mark it as one of my top favorite films. Filibustering at it's best! :-)

The Island on Bird Street: "The Island on Bird Street" is a very clever film. Really enjoyed it.

War Horse: This movie is hard to watch in parts. Why? It's a horse movie, people; Horse and boy are separated, things happen to the horse... You know how it goes.
The lighting was very unique and the storytelling and acting was great. Really enjoyed seeing this. 

Courageous: If you haven't seen Courageous yet, watch it. Great film. Solid teaching. Once again, the Kendrick's bring out another masterpiece.
The Runner From Ravenshead: This film is adorable. The cast consists of the movie makers five children, all under the age of ten. Impressive. A great story for the whole family, especially your younger ones. This is one we've watched over and over.

National Treasure 1 and 2: Guilty pleasure time... An action-packed thriller that will get your heart racing and your mind working. However, these two secular films messed up our history, so don't watch it for historical accuracies. As you can see though, I enjoyed these so much I had to stick em' in with my top favorites. *Sheepish Grin*
The Great Escape: Yes, yes, yes. I love this film. Very clever and engaging. Certainly kept me on the edge of my seat and one I need to see again. 

Something to consider when watching films: We must be so careful not to just "take in" just anything that is fed to us through the movie screen. First of all, be careful what you watch. Second, when you do watch a movie, be sure to filter everything through God's word. Movie nights shouldn't be a "Sit down and shut off" time. They should be an engaging time as you challenge your thoughts, ideas, and  worldview through the Bible, as well as the worldview of the filmmakers.
So what do you think? Any favorite films? 


Maellen said...

I've not heard of The Island on Bird Street. The others, though, I like a lot!!!! Good list. :)

Prairie Momma said...

Guess what?? I actually pulled "The Great Escape" out as I have been wanting to watch it for a while. haha Most people might not necessarily think of that one, but I agree, it is a classic. Thought provoking and lends itself to excellent discussions afterwards. I also have not heard of "The Island on Bird Street", so I will have to add that one to my list. Loved your guilty pleasure. You are too funny. :)