Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jeremiah 101!

Here is my fourteen year old brother Jeremiah. He loves to play rubber band wars with Micah, (note the rubber band on his wrist :) work on BizKidz, Practice on the Unicycle, squirt gun fights, airsoft fights with his brothers and Dad, and leather work. He and Jonathan are always doing something together! He is a very creative wonderful brother!

Jeremiah's Philosophy: "Who knows, Who cares, Life goes on" (taken from Sally in the Charley Brown comics: "Peanuts") :)

Yes, I do have a very fun brother! :)

Disclaimers: Jeremiah approves of all the blogger's post's about him, and narrated what he liked and disliked. He is under no obligation whatsoever to preform unicycling in public, for he may fall and get embarrassed. Jeremiah still approves of what I said, yes, he came up with this post's title and no, he doesn't normally dress as showed in the picture above.

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