Monday, March 30, 2009


Joy is our small but sweet little dog. She is a white Carrin Terrier. Though she is not a favorite by everyone in the family she is well liked by "her boy": Josh,as well as Micah, and I. Joy is a very smart dog and fairly easy to train especially if treats are involved. Every night Josh will call to her "beddie time!" and Joy will come running! She loves to sleep in his room at night, and seems to take enjoyment in scaring the daylights out of anyone who is walking around in the dark, upstairs hall at night. (that did happen to me once!) :)
Despite having a high pitched bark, she likes to be bossy (as only dogs can) and she thinks she runs "The Hoppman Ranch!"
We are glad for Joy anyways!

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Anonymous said...

Joy has a very sweet face. She looks a lot like Dave and Kelly's dog, Puff. You'll have to talk about dogs with Kelly. She's a real dog-lover!