Friday, May 8, 2009

My Sisters Mykaela and Keturah! (plus some freinds) :)

As you might already know, Mykaela, Keturah, and I are best buddies! All of us girls love the animals as well! Mykaela's job is to feed our llama, Eunice, I milk our goat; Bella Rose, and feed she and poppy, (our African Pygmy goat) and Keturah is always delighted to go out to the barn and help me milk. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Bella Rose, Mykaela, and Keturah

Sweet Keturah!

Chiquita, Mykaela, and Keturah Mykaela

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Anonymous said...

I can almost see Chiquita and Bella Rose smiling, too!