Monday, May 18, 2009

The Theory of Evolution

Kelsey Hoppman

By Chance Museum
The black lettered words were printed plainly on the brick building.
“Interesting” A young man mused, as he strode into the museum. He was greeted at the door by a portly gentleman, clothed in a suit coat, dress pants, and a black tie. “Good morning!” he began. “Welcome to the “By Chance Museum” where every thing is made by chance! “What!” The visitor exclaimed incredulously. His dark eyes than narrowed critically. “That’s’ impossible!” “Oh is it now?” The museum guide challenged. “Well then, let us step over to this painting here. This whole painting was made completely by chance. See the lovely bridge and water fall, depicted in such a grand way, that you can almost hear the rushing water, see the thicket of bush and tree, smell the flowers!” The museum guide closed his eyes as if he were seeing it better with them in that manner. He suddenly opened them and quickly glanced over to his guest. Strongly skeptical eyes met him. “I see you don’t believe me!” “Of course not!” His visitor exclaimed. “I would be a fool to believe such nonsense!” “Well then,” returned the guide, “Let us take a little walk down this hallway. I present to you a piano. Perfect condition, fully tuned, and it was put together as a result of a small earthquake that happened just 3 years ago. The whole earth seemed to but rumbling, the dirt was cracking, and a lady (who prefers to remain anonymous) watched with her own two eyes that, amidst confusion, broken pieces of lumber, bent wire and music notes combined themselves together and created this!” The visitor was getting tired of all this “talk” “I think I’ll leave” he decided. “Better than staying here and listening to this complete nonsense!” “Please,” asked the guide; “Just take a look at one more display.” Unhappily, the young man complied. His guide brought him over to the outdoor part of the museum. “Do you see the trees, flowers, grass, blue sky, clouds, and everything else out here? Do you see that cat over there? And the bird sitting on the tree? The chattering squirrel gathering nuts? Every one of these creatures where, like the piano, and painting, created by chaos, a big bang to be precise, was the creator of these amazing creatures and all of nature actually.”

The young man looked at the guide and smiled. “Well, it’s about time you got something right!”

The End

We don’t believe that something as simple as a painting, wood table, piano, books, or things like houses where created by chance. Those are just the simple things! Isn’t it crazy to believe that our world was created by chance? Can you honestly say your proud to claim truth to this?

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