Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother

Who lovingly cares for me throughour night and day?
Whos seeks to assist me in work or in play?
This is my Mother.

Wh lends me a hand, gives words full with grace:
Who seems to glow, full with joy on her face?
This is my Mother.

Who shows a passion for God's word and prayer?
Who gives of herself to nobly share?
This is my Mother.

Who's down on her knees with tears in her eyes.
Prays for her children, trusts God hears her cries?
This is my mother

Who try's to bring happiness and smiles so free?
Though hard for her, she knows it's joyful for me
This is my Mother

Who's raising an army to fight for what's true?
A quiver of arrows that seeks to help you
This is my mother

Who has a heart that from love has not shied?
Who's shone a deep beauty, shown care far and wide?
This is my Mother

Who prays for the saints, shows devotion, is kind?
Who chooses to stay narrow and leaves sin far behind?
This is: My Mother.

By: Kelsey Hoppman
Mothers Day, 2009

I love you Mom!


Blodgett Bunch said...

I know her! I agree! Happy Mother's Day, Lydie!

Anonymous said...

Somehow you perfectly put into words a description of Lydia Hoppman. She is all those things, isn't she?! I especially like the thoughts in verses 2, 3, 4, and 8. Your mom does seem to glow with the joy of the Lord. And I love your reflections on her praying for her family and for all the saints! Women ought always to pray and not to faint! I think this poem can be a great encouragement to other women as they attempt to focus on biblical priorities.
(Will there be a Father's Day poem???)


Jenna said...

Hi Kelsey!
Thank you for following my blog:) After reading your profile, it sounds like we are MUCH alike...15, 2nd oldest, 8 siblings, homeschooled, love of femininity, love animals and I could go on!! I am so glad that we got "connected".

Blessings to you,