Friday, January 8, 2010

A Glimpse At One Of The Hoppman’s Animal Escapades

Here is something that happened about four to five years ago. Hope you all get a laugh from it!
(There's a reason Josh makes such a great stunt man for our movies! ) :) 
God Bless,

Mom and Josh both decided to take our white donkey, Lily, for a walk. Lily was currently in the process collecting pockets of fat on her sides. Honestly, she looked like a pack mule, laden down by various packages strapped to her back, and so Mom figured she could really use the exercise.

We owned a black, Tennessee walker horse at the time. The horse’s name was Fancy, and she and Lily were best buddies. The two of them fought most of the time they were together, and yet, it seemed they could not stand to be apart!

Shortly after the happy trio left, I was planning to join them, but a little setback ensued. Someone had carelessly left our metal gate to our animal pen open, and Fancy took the liberty of running through the gate, and out into our 2 acre yard. It was fenced, and Fancy was not happy that her little grumpy friend had been taken away. Very upset, she ran back and forth by our front gate, hoping to catch any glimpse of Lily, and supposing that her unhappy neighs would bring her comrade running back home.

Whether Lily wanted to come back or not, it wasn’t her choice. She was subject to her owner, Josh, a halter, and a thin white and black lead rope .

After a short chase with my upset horse, I took hold of Fancy and carefully led her back into her pen. I then set off to catch up with Mom, Josh, and Lily.

As I came over the hill, I saw a funny sight, which gave me the impression that Josh and Lily had some excitement as well. Lily, was not being held by her owner, instead, the lead rope was flying freely, only kept fast by the halter which was attached to a running white donkey.

Apparently, Josh and Lily did a little “jogging” together. Lily decided to run faster and faster, until Josh was unable to slow the stubborn equine down. He fell to the ground, And, still bravely holding fast to the lead rope, our fleeing donkey gave Josh a cowboy face plant in the dirt. He tried to hold on, and was dragged through sand, tumble weeds, and rocks, refusing to let go, but as kicking ensued near his head, due to an upset donkey, he let go and Lily took off like a bullet.

Whoever knew the tubby donkey could run so fast?

Back to the present: I charged over the hill, hoping that I could cut Lily off by crossing the road to her side, before she passed.

As I struggled to catch up, a man in a pick up who was passing by, saw the problem and began carefully driving backwards (after first checking for cars) to keep our donkey from running out into the road and getting hit by someone. I was able to catch up to our now tired donkey, and take control of her as she slowed down. I thanked the man as he drove off and Josh came huffing and puffing behind me, rather annoyed at his “faithful donkey“.

We all decided that both Lily and Josh had received proper amounts of excitement and exercise today, so we all walked back home. This time, Josh was very careful to keep a tight hold on Lily’s lead rope, and they didn’t go jogging together again.

The End

By Kelsey Hoppman

A Very True Story



Bethany said...

Awww, sounds like a blast Kelsey! Donkey's are such interesting characters! lol Fun story....


Anonymous said...

"I like true stories, and this is a good one: rising action to a climax; happy ending; humor; and animal characters! Do you have any pix of Lily?

faithngracegirl said...

That's funny Kelsey!! Ya'll do movies too? My sibs and I have fun with that.