Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Thoughts On Growing Brothers...

My thoughts on growing brothers- Has anyone seen the trailer for the princess and the frog? …. I will quote from it, something that the princess says:

“How did you get way up there? And how did I get way down here…!!

The Princess was actually referring to the fact that she had suddenly turned into a frog and was low to the ground-Something that she did not expect to happen, nor was used to!

No, I have not seen the movie, but I have seen the trailer and I think the princess echo’s my thoughts sometimes!  Josh is taller than me, and Jonathan and Jeremiah are quickly catching up! Micah and Josiah will be up there soon I’m sure!

I don’t mind being shorter, in fact, it’s kind of nice to have strong, taller brothers, but I’m not used to looking up to any of them, and I‘m not sure they're used to being taller! Just yesterday, Mom noticed that Jeremiah is very close to me in height. Today he kept saying, “I can’t believe I’m almost caught up to you!” [In height]  Does anyone reading this post have tall brothers?

By-the-way, to those interested, here is the link to the government class I am going to with Jonathan and Jeremiah up in Santa Fe.  

Mom will drive us and we’ll stay in a hotel Monday-Wednesday and leave Thursday. Please pray that everything goes smoothly!

God Bless,



Marissa and Andrea said...

Haha, my brothers are pretty little still (5 and 3), but I'm sure it will seem like no time until they're caught up (and passed)! :)
I'm praying for you all to have a safe trip!

Regan Family Farm said...

What a blessing to have all those strong brothers! Hope all goes well at the conference. I wanted Josh and Jenna to go to that last year, but it didn't work out. Keep us posted :)
Mrs. Regan
Love your new header picture!

Jenna said...

Josh and I were about half an inch apart for YEARS...then all of a sudden, Josh shot up and is a good 5 inches taller than I am - at least!! Caleb is still 8 but he's getting there:)

Have a wonerful time at the conference!!!

faithngracegirl said...

My brother who is 18 months older than I am is 6' and I'm 5'6''...and to think that people used to think that he and I were twins! Hope ya'll have a good time time at the conference!


Mygloryallthecross said...

When I was little I thought i was something being bigger out of the two youngest (me and my bro) Hehe now he's way tall and I feel SO short!!

Livvy said...

Hi Kelsey!
I saw the comment you left on my blog asking about the watermark on my pictures. :)
I use Photoscape to do it, but you should be able to use any other photo editing software. What I do is I type what I want my watermark to say, then I adjust the opacity, so that it's almost see-through. I also adjust the font and size, till I have it where I want it. I then save the picture, and I'm done! :D
I hope this helps!

Blodgett said...

Try having your SONS bigger than you! I am 5'9" and Silas is 6'2" and Nicholas is 5'10"! I was always the shortest of my siblings, growing up. It's not so bad. I agree- it is nice to feel protected! :-)

Susannah {from Sevensisters} said...

I don't have tall brothers...yet :) I am a bit over six foot tall and my brothers are ages 5 and 3. No doubt they will pass me up one of these days! :) I have seen the trailer to that ridiculous movie...we repeat that line often trying to imitate the "Southern accent" :D