Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Silly Poem

Hello to all my readers! Last night I thought I would write a funny poem about one of our animals.
 This poem is the coyote's perspective of this animal. I'll leave it  a suprise which of our animals it is. If you know us well enough, maybe you'll guess along the way!
Just know ahead of time- the meter is not well done at all. I sort of disregarded a strict sense of meter for this poem and just had fun. :) Please let me know what you think! I really love getting each and every one of your comments!

The Coyote's Desert Rumor

There is a strange rumor round these parts
Of a very quirky sight.
Rumor of the desert watchdog-
Setting many hearts afright.

The rumor starts where most rumors do
By sight and then some chatter
Until this thing is of great size
Not one, know the true matter .

This tale first takes us to a great pen
Wire fencing and large wood beams
No, nothing else could have been done
To keep in this frightening scene.

“Her all seeing eyes are glowing:”
They say, “If you go there at night”
No-one’s gotten close enough
To face their giant fright

“Her ears are as long as brooms,” they say
“Rounding off to a tip at the end
If you are brave, first come and see
As you watch her round the bend. “

“The neck is as long as an elephants trunk”
It seems nothing this great one lacks!
If I went there to see her now
I fear I shall never come back!

There was talk of her teeth you know,
Very long and nasty things
A fight with this one you cannot win;
Who knows what a day with her brings!

This creatures’ body is humongous
And as round as the trunk of a tree
Rolling round -chameleon eyes
Everywhere this thing can see!

I have not even mentioned her feet
Those scary hooves, to strike, she’s planned.
Gangly, yet strong as on ox when she’s mad,
Sharp as claws to protect her land.

I plan to stay far from this creature
It makes me shiver and shake!
All the stories that they’ve told-
I heard she made coyote cake!

I hope you can now see my reasons
For staying far from this this one’s land;
Her two acre desert home
But mostly tumble weed and sand.

I have now heard more blather
Someone is spreading the word
Gossip changed about this great brute
Someone has been chatting with a bird

You see, the birds fly all through the day
(They’re not scared of things down here)
This one says he saw our scary beast
They proclaim: “The end is not near!”

I have heard now - she has no fangs!
An overbite brought on some garble.
This creature has completely normal ears,
Her eyes like any old marbles!

Some of the things that we got correct
Her hooves work as four daggers
If we were to raid anything there
She will catch the weary stragglers.

A guard she is, for her desert home
Any mice-she’ll put dead in their track.
Intruders who have come to steal-
Well, they shall quickly turn right back!

The only few she lets in her pen:
Chickens, her goat, and horse friends,
People who just love to watch her,
Folks giving her tasty hay blends.

I guess that she is there to scare us-
To keep on us, her weary eye.
(Because right now we are hungry for
Some real delicious chicken pie.)
OK, if you didn't guess it, here is the animal I was referring to in the poem:


This "creature" is our very own: (Drumroll please)               Eunice the llama!

Eunice is the "watchdog" of the Hoppman's animal pen, and though none that we know of have tried, if any hungry coyotes came in for the chickens, should would take care of them real quick! We have found, several times, a flat mouse by her food bowl!

We love our quirky character, Eunice, and she has brought people coming to our gate just to watch her. Dad says, "If your having a bad day, go out and watch Eunice. I guarantee you can't help but crack a smile!"

Hope you all have a great week.

God Bless,



Jenna said...

Your poem was very good!! MUCH, MUCH better than anything that I could ever do:)

How fun to have something like Eunice that just makes you smile:) That's great:)


Jenna said...

Hi Kelsey!

I really enjoyed reading your poem. You did a lovely job on it!
Eunice is absolutely adorable. My mom and I have always wanted a llama! Your dad is right... They definitely bring a smile to your face! :)

Your Sister In Christ,

Hannah said...

This was a great poem Kelsey!
Have you ever read any of Bill Peets children's books?
Alot of them are poems like this one and they tell a story. They are really fun to read to small children!

Emily Anne said...

Cute llama photos! Love it.

Cute blog too! :)

faithngracegirl said...

Great poem! I thought what you were talking about was a burro or a donkey. Well, I wasn't sure if the above live in a desert.

Leah said...

He He! That's a great poem! Very well written. :) Eunice is very cute! I am sure he'd make me laugh!



~Rebekah Bjur~ said...

Hey Kelsey!

I love your blog! What a great poem, too :D Loved it!
Feel free to stop by my blog anytime! Oh.. and I'm now your new follower =)

God bless!