Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feeling Feminine Challenge Day 1

Hello All! Once agian, I will be participating in the Feeling Feminine Challenge. Mykaela and Keturah will be joining me as well.  You can visit my cousin Emily's blog here , and my Aunt Maellens blog, here. They are also doing the challenge, although I'm a day late, and they're on day two. :-) We'd love it if you would join too!

First off, Keturah! She is wearing a pink skirt which came from her older sister, Mykaela, and a shirt which came from Savers. As you can see, her hair is done in a braid.

                                                                                Abby K. 

Next off, yours truly! :) I'm wearing a shirt which also came from Savers, a denim skirt Mom and I made, and my hair is done in a braid. Simple, and easy!

Last, but not least, Mykaela! She is wearing a shirt which was given to her by her cousin. :) The skirt came from Savers. Kayla chose to put a bit of her hair back today, though not all, as a ponytail.


I've decided I will have a "Random Photo of the Day" each time I post this week, so you can look for it in each post! Hope you all have a blessed week!


Random Photo of the day:

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Maellen said...

Very cute! I'm glad you are participating! Now to get your mama involved!! ;-)