Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling Feminine Challenge Day 3

Welcome to day three of the Feeling Feminine Challenge! We had a lot of fun this morning with the pictures. Hope you have fun looking at them! :)

Today Keturah chose to wear a dress she got at Savers, and the shirt came from Mykaela.  Today, she is leaving her her down.

                                                    Oh, here's Eunice. :)

                                                         ...And Poppy...
...And Bella Rose!

                                           Today, Mykaela is wearing a shirt which was given to her, and a skirt that  Mom made for me and was passed down to her!

                                              Her hair is a "ponytail braid"

                                                          Below is Eunice and I. :)

                                                   ...And Bella.
                                          (Bella does love having her photo taken.)

Today I am wearing a turtle neck which was passed down to me from Mom, and a skirt which came from Savers. (We love that place!)

I'm not sure what you would call my hairstyle for today, but basically, you put your hair in a bun and pull the twisted hair down a bit. (It's what your bun does when it falls out) :) 

Me N' Copper! (She was giving me dog kisses)



Serve the Lord with gladness!


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Maellen said...

I love your hair, kelsey! And Kayla's hair is great too! Turah is just adorable and Mykaela looks great in brown! I love the picture of Copper giving you kisses.
I love you, young lady!!