Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feeling Feminine Challenge Day 2

Hello All! We are entering Day two of the Feeling Feminine Challenge!

Keturah is wearing a blouse which came from Mykaela, and a skirt which also came from Mykaela! She chose to wear her fancy black shoes with this outfit. :)

                                                      Her hair was partly pulled back.

Today I wore a skirt which I made with my Grandmother, a black turtleneck which I've had so long I don't know where I got it, and a sweater that was given to me. (It was a tad chilly this morning but warmed up a bit as the day wore on.)

Keturah and I match in our hairstyles today. :)

                    Mykaela wore a purple shirt, which was given to her, and the  skirt came from Savers.

Her hairsyle is a tucked-in ponytail. (After putting your hair in a ponytail, simply part the hair right above the hair band and flip the hair through the split hair.)

Random Photo Of the Day:

(The Turah "I just woke up" look)

Till' later!


1 comment:

Maellen said...

I LOVE the 'just woken up Keturah' look! Little cutie! We are having fun recognizing all Em's old clothes, too. It is fun to see them used and reused!
And, your new skirt is cute! Nice job!