Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeling Feminine Challenge Day 2 and an Easter Poem

(Plus some extra pictures)

Balloons from the Fiesta last year

I'm so sorry I was sort of quick
yesterday and didn't offer much
explanation for my outfit. We
were getting ready to go to my
Grandma and Grandpa's for
dinner so I was in a hurry. :)

I'm wearing a sweater that I've had
for a long time! Not sure were I got
 it but it was probably given to me.
The skirt was one Mykaela had in
her closet that Mom had gotten at
Savers for her. Mykaela wasn't wearing it because it was to big on her,
and so I tried it on and it fit just fine! Maybe Kayla will get it when I'm
done with it...

I don't know
If anyone's
but here is a
picture of my
shoes. :)

I put my hair in a tucked pony tail.

Mykaela got the shirt from me
(One I got at Savers several
years ago) and the skirt was
either given to her our found at

She decided to
go with a pony tail.

Keturah is
wearing a "Savers
skirt" and she got
the shirt from Kayla,
and the poncho
was given to her.
(Also in the picture
is Chiquita)

I put Keturah's hair
 in a ponytail with
a scrunchy that
she picked out.

She loves her little "baby"!

...And the chickens!

Couldn't resist putting

 these sweet pictures of Copper on. (Are you tired of the pups yet) :)

This is the remains of the turkey that Mom was preparing for dinner. I think Copper is feeling a little jealous...

OK, here is the poem I said I would post. As I think I've mentioned before, I'm still working on getting the meter right and I know it's not technically correct but I tried, so bear with me! :)

The Choice

Darkness now settles-

Faces awry

Three supposed criminals

Hanging to die.

Say’s one to the man

Who’s in greatest pain

“If you are who you say-

Call your Fathers name.”

Instead of demanding

Justice be brought

No relief was asked

And no comfort sought.

Grace is the huge gift

That freely was laid

Broken-down sinners

Through a guilt free man-saved .

“For you” said the other

Hanging beside

“This man has suffered,

And he soon will have died

I trust you Lord

And all that you say.”

Christ said “You shall dwell

In my Kingdom this day.”

The whole earth now shakes

The end very near

Sadness on some faces

Others look in fear

The cry: “It is finished”

Falls on many ears

Different faces

Stream down with tears

The torn head of Christ

Now drops down low

His breathing has ceased

Romans bid crowds to go

Torn is the veil

Just like so many hearts

The heavens seem darker

Some broken apart.

Laid in a deep tomb

It seems evil presides

Until it is shattered

For great light abides!

The angels rejoice

Singing jubilees

Death’s been defeated

Praise God on your knees

Christ is not dead

But risen Indeed

Mary’s rejoicing

“Clamps of death have been freed!”

The darkness now lifted,

Christ’s body is gone

Go people of Christ

Bring his great name in song

We remember the thieves

Who hung there as well

One went with Jesus-

The other to Hell

When you’re time has come

And you make the choice

Will you take Christ’ gift

Or ignore his voice?

The gift has been given

The price has been paid

Sinners repented

On Christ our sins laid.

On Calvary that day

Two chose where they stand.

One dropped down in darkness

One taking Christ’s hand.

Praise God he has risen

Sin cut like a knife

But what will you choose?

Hell or eternal life?
Hope you all have a great week! God Bless.


faithngracegirl said...

Nice poem Kelsey! I really like it. When I have a poem to write in literature, will you write it for me? No, JK, but your poetry is lots better than mine!


Shannon said...

What beautiful outfits, I love the gracefulness and feminine look. Blessings to you and your family,


Regan Family Farm said...

Hi Kelsey!
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the sweet spirit you have toward your little is so apparent that they adore you!! These years that you invest in them will never be forgotten or wasted. Blessings to you~
Mrs. Regan