Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Having A Little Fun With Microsoft Works Word Processor...

He has made every day new! May we not worship the creation, but the Creator!


faithngracegirl said...

Hi Kelsey,
To link my blog button, just do it as you would to put a picture of your own on your blog. You don't have to save the picture to your computer or anything. Just click on my picture (like you do to enlarge a pic) and copy the HTML address at the top. Then paste that address into the space that says 'Upload a picture from the web' (Oh, if the picture won't upload for you, make sure that you can see html// part in the space). Then, there should be a space that says 'Link to another site (or something like that ::)'. Just stick my blog address in that space and it should link!

I hope this is'nt really complicated :(. I'm sorry if it is.
Blessings to your day!


Lydia said...

Amen! I love it! God Is so amazingly good and we certainly can learn so much of His goodness from HIS creation.
Thnak you for sharing!
Love you!

Tiffany said...

Hi Kelsi,

I have really enjoyed reading your blog for some time now. And I was always forgetting to follow you!

I have awarded you over at my blog so come and get it!!

In Christ,