Friday, October 9, 2009

FF Challenge Day Five. (Plus a little tour of our Barnyard)

We are entering the FF Challenge, Day five! Mom and we girls had some fun with our pictures today, so here is a little tour of our barnyard as well. By-the-way, NM annual Balloon Fiesta is going on, which is why you might see hot air balloons in the backround. (We are going to the balloon field tommorrow, so more pictures coming!)

I'm wearing an American Glory, jean dress that came from (can you guess?) Savers. :)
Mykaela is wearing a colonial-looking dress. Another one that was given to her! (Behind Mykaela is our backyard)
The dress Keturah is wearing used to be Mykaela's, that was handed down from her cousin.

I went back to my old standby for today, a ponytail.
Mykaela has a ponytail braid...
And Keturah had a french braid. (I put it in after her bath last night, so having slept in it, it's not as neat as we'd like. :)

The miniature pygmy goat by me is Poppy, our La Mancha milk goat, in front, Bella Rose, and the miniature horse, Chiquita. (We're going to teach her how to pull a cart soon!)

This is our hen, Ce Ce. (Cee-Cee)

Chiquita again, and our Llama is Eunice. (A biblical name!) :)

Hope you all are having a great day!


Hannah said...

Oh I liked all the barnyard pics! And the first one of Mykaela is very nice. Do use your llama's fur for anything? Me, and My family like to spin yarn and knit.
Do you take rides in the hot air balloons?
We are at a farmers market right now selling our farm products. It's cold and I am warming up in our truck with a piece of warm natural leaven bread fresh out of the wood-fired brick oven bakery right next to the market! Mmmmmm....!
This was a great post!

Livvy said...

Your outfits are lovely, and I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your family's farm. Your little sisters are so cute!