Friday, October 30, 2009

The Rugged Cross of America

Here is an paper I wrote, based on the 10/09 World article. (a Magazine with a Christian side on world news in case you were wondering)
 After writing it, I was inspired to write a poem that had to do with the subject.
 Let me know what you think!
 God Bless,


The Rugged Cross of America

The rugged cross stands faithfully in the California Mojave Desert. For 75

long years it has stood, representing all of the brave solders who died in World

War I. This small, six foot cross, has been there, as a strong tribute, and shows

where America stands as a nation, as well as where our hope and belief should

be founded.

There are people that know what it stands for, and continually have shied from

the truth, making it out to be something it is not; turning this simple wood

cross to a monster in our changing land.

After 75 years, this veteran memorial has been transformed, by court order,

into boxy pieces of plywood, in the ACLU’s* attempt to cover the cross up.

Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, saw clearly the ACLU’s plan, as he

apprehensively stated: “From a cross to a plywood covering is the evolution

the ACLU would like to see with regards to our nations religious heritage.”

This matter is being brought to the Supreme Court, and they shall decide the

fate of the staunch cross, whether it should be unveiled, to stand proudly in

Mojave Desert once again, or if it should remain covered up in it‘s boarded


A small issue this may seem, but if looked into further, it reveals a much

bigger problem. As Representative Randy Forbes, who attended the arguments,

stated fearfully: “If this case goes the wrong way then virtually every cross on

display across the country

could be subject to attack.” But there is a deeper issue still- not with the cross,

or even with the people who are against it in general, but a problem with our

whole world view. A problem with our nation. A problem with the way

America is being conducted in our “modern age.” It seems, the further we go in

time, the more we stray from our biblical

foundation. The foundation that was the only means of a strong nation. Our

foundation was on biblical truths; the forefathers of our nation knew that it

must be this way, or divided, they would crumble.

   As the cross now stands, lower courts have invalidated the transfer, and

conservatives are hoping for a five to four high court ruling in favor of the


Whether or not the cross is moved, remains boxed up, or stands free in the

open air, our country still  hangs in the balance. America’s time is growing


Kelsey A. Hoppman

*American Civil Liberties Union
The Rugged Cross of America- a poem I wrote as well, to go with the article.
 (By-the-way, Mojave is pronounced Moe-hav-ee)
The Rugged cross, for solders, in Mojave desert stands

There it stood for many years, but others had their plans.

This wooden war memorial, points to heaven’s blue sky

The solders buried in the ground, for justice shall they cry

Fists clenched for war, sin yells to flesh saying “This cross cannot stay!”

All signs of Christ shall disappear, as justness fades away.

Others who follow this dark cry, tread paths of evil deeds.

And as this cross struggles to stand, may we be on our knees.

Look up now, America, at our fading homeless land

Where our dear crosses everywhere-America shall band.

This country founded on the truth now lies deep in the dust.

Instead of Christ, our country leans on greed, deep sin, and lust.

May the rugged cross you see today call you to fight.

Christ as our guide, we’ll march on now our land be made to right.

As others are deciding now the fate of that staunch cross

If we stand back our land will be, for sure, a deep, dark loss.

Though a small cross seems little now, remember where we’ve been.

Though mistakes made, we must act now to get crosses back again.

Kelsey A. Hoppman



Bethany said...

Beautiful poem Kelsey! You have an amazing talent.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

"I've read about this story with sadness. Phil and I love the stark beauty of the Mohave Desert and have been there many times. How sad that this quiet desert has become a battlefield for those who would rip every vestige of Christian faith from our national landscape. Let's pray for those opposers that God will shed His light on them as He has on us! A fitting poem, Kelsey, as well as a nice picture."

Riah said...

Thank you for following my site Kelsey, and for the compliment.
Very nice poem, by the way.

Charae Spafford said...

What a meaningful poem, Kelsey! God has given you a real gift. Thank you for sharing it.