Thursday, October 8, 2009

FF Challenge Day Four!

This is another favorite dress of mine. It too, is a Savers dress! I decided to put my hair back in- well, I guess you call it a head band but I'm not completely sure. I can scrunch the material up like a headband, or pull it over my hair, as Mykaela and I did today.

Mykaela is wearing a cute creamy orange skirt, and pink top that was also given to her. (She gets some really nice clothes that way!)

Mom put Keturah's hair in a bun. It looks cute because it's so small. :) I believe we got Keturah's skirt at Savers.

Three more days to go.:) Have a blessed day rest of your day!


Regan Family Farm said...

Your jumper is beautiful... did you get your bangs trimmed? They look sweet. Thanks for all the encouragement...keep up the great work!
Blessings, Mrs. Regan

Jenna said...

I agree; I love your dress:) Definitely a great "Savers" find!!

Your Friend,

Hannah said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I hope we can keep in touch :)
It looks like you are having fun with the FF challenge! Savers must have some really nice finds! I LOVE to re-sale and we have our favorites too! I like unique skirts and dresses...looks like you do too! And I agree about your red plaid jumper it looks really old fashioned(me and my sister like anything old fashion looking:)!
You have a nice blog...keep it up!
I like all the pictures of you and your sisters. Sisters are so wonderful aren't they?
Have a wonderful evening in Jesus!

Just so you know two little boys J.& M. on my blog are my nephews!