Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Balloon Fiesta Pictures

This morning dad and all of us kids went to the balloon fiesta. We got up at 4:30, and were out of the house before five. We still didn't beat all of the crowd, but going earlier helped a lot! We were able to see the "Dawn Patrol" go up. It was really amazing to see because it was still dark outside and when the balloons lit up their burners, you saw a black sky as a back round for bright orange balloons. (That was not their only colors, it just looked like that at times) Then there was the "Mass Ascension", where all of the balloons are set up and take off! The balloon field was covered with balloons! I've seen it before but I enjoy it every time!

Let me know what you think!

Dawn Patrol:

Now this is during Mass Ascension:

Here are some pictures I was able to take. Maybe it will give you an idea of what it was like if you haven't been there before. It is the largest balloon fiesta in the world. People come from all over to see them.
There was a man who, over a loud speaker, sang our national anthem. It was really amazing to see the whole crowd stop their talking, and put their hands on their hearts to salute our American flag as it was dangling over the side of a hot air balloon basket, while the balloon rose higher in the air.

When we came home, (along with cold feet, hands, and faces) Mom had prepared a wonderful breakfast for us all of hard boiled eggs, bacon, potato pancakes, and fruit.
Only one more day of seeing the balloons flying over our yard. We can't wait till next year!


A Joyful Chaos said...

I would love to see the Balloon Fiesta someday but until then I will just enjoy it by visiting blogs of those who can visit it. Thanks for sharing.

Jenna said...

The balloon fiesta looks like alot of fun, Kelsey! I'm glad that you and your family got to go as it sounds like a special family day:)

Thanks for sharing all of the pictures!

Bethany said...

The Balloon Fiesta looks like fun! We have something similar near our place but it's always around July 4th and we're always way too busy to get to it. :(

Big D said...

This year was our first year since I was four!!! We usually just drive to an empty parking lot or vacant lot near the balloon field and watch them from their and they sometimes they would land near us and we got to help a little. It was a great experience and i cant wait till next year also.

Hannah said...

Wow that would be so fun to go to! Looks like you had a good time!