Sunday, October 11, 2009

FF Challenge Day Seven!

Well, it's our last day of the challenge! Again, if anyone is interested to join, you can go here to find out more. You're welcome to start anytime!

I wore a tan turtleneck, brown skirt, and tan Jacket. I got the skirt for my birthday several years ago, and both the jacket and the shirt was given to me.
Mykaela's whole outfit was given to her. It is one of her favorite dresses.
Someone from Dad's work gave us the dress Keturah is wearing, as well as the jacket. Isn't her outfit adorable? :)

Just for fun, since we both matched, Mom and I decided to get our picture taken together.

I put my hair up in a headband that Mom recently bought for me. :)

Mykaela has her hair in a headband as well.

Keturah's hair was done the same way as yesterday. (She can get away with it easily because she's so little) :)
Thank-you Mykaela and Keturah for sticking with me almost the whole week! It certainly was nice to have partners. ;)


Anonymous said...

What a great outfit! I really enjoyed the pictures and seeing the different clothes and outfits. Your siblings are too cute! I am new to your blog and now following it, I really enjoy it!

Jenna said...

I REALLY like your skirt =) Thank you for doing the challenge with my mom, sisters and I! It was lots of fun~


Regan Family Farm said...

You're outfit is very classic, and I love the skirt! What an encouragement you seem to be for the little ones...
We are indeed so blessed to be the momma's to these dear young people! Thank you for the encouragement to me, and the twins. And from our side of the blog world, we are appreciating the faith and friendship of your children as well!
May the Lord bless you!